A really powerful shower

Of all the things you may decide to treat yourself to within the home setting – the one you never, ever regret, is a great shower – and a powerful one at that.

The fact is that we all shower each day and this is often the most relaxing part of the whole day. But when you have a trickle of water coming down – it’s somewhat less than satisfactory, to say the least.

But today, there’s really no excuse not to have a really powerful shower anymore.

Usually, when the shower is insufficient, it’s because it’s an electrical unit that heats the water up as it passes over an element in the shower unit. The box can only handle a certain flow without it being too cold, so unless you want a cold shower, the flow is too low.

Meanwhile, mixer shows, which are generally more powerful, can waste a lot of water, particularly if you have a pump fitted to enhance the flow and really give it some oomph.

So getting the ideal shower is often a compromise between these two basic choices. But the good news is that shower technology has really moved on on the last few years. Showers from Mira, for example, can be really powerful even when they’re electric showers due to advances such as opti-flow technology and twin electrical coils, which not only heat the water more efficiently but also reduce the formation of lime scale by a vast amount.

The same company also supplies all the other shower fixtures and fittings you’ll need, from shower trays to shower enclosures and taps. And the number and array of shower options these days can be quite dazzling and daunting – so the company’s website also includes a step-by-step guide which helps you decide on the best shower options for your home. And whether that’s electric or a mixer, all homes can now have a really powerful shower for no great cost.