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Pepper heat index for cooks and chefs

Being a cook is more hard work than it seems. Home cooking can still be relaxed. But professional cooking is a different arena altogether. Here one has to know every little detail about every kind of food ingredient. This helps them to make the right choices when it comes to making the delicious dishes. And the Scoville pepper heat index is an absolute boon for such professional chefs. This index tells them all they need to know about the spicy heat levels of chili and peppers. This helps them to decide on the pepper to be used in each dish. This way, not only do they get the taste right, they also save wastage, which occurs when you put too much low spicy heat peppers in a dish to attain high spiciness.

Spicy food needs to be prepared with precision

When we think about spicy food, we think that all it needs is to put a lot of pepper. But, when you are dealing on a professional level, using just any pepper is not the solution. Different kinds of dishes use different ingredients. Not every kind of pepper will go well with rest of the ingredients. There has to be a balance of flavors – and for that one has to use precisely the right kind of pepper. This is why, the scale created by Scoville is so important. Before, human tasters were involved to taste the heat eliminated from the pepper post experiment – which used to make the results subjective, as human errors may happen. But today, with the improvement of technology, new methods have come up to measure the scale. This method is called High Performance Liquid Chromotography, more commonly known as HPLC. This has made the results much more precise than before. As a result, one can choose the right pepper to do their work with easily by consulting the chart.

How the heat index works

Now that you know about the scale, it is time to find out which pepper stands where. The ratings used in this index are simple – so that the viewer can instantly understand it. The peppers with the mildest amount of spicy heat are given the rating of zero and the ones with the most spicy heat content are given a 10. So, sweet bell peppers, pimento etc are under the zero rating and hence the mildest. Jalapeno, Mirasol, Guajillo are somewhere in the middle with a 5 rating. Cayenne, Tobasco, Bohemian, Thai, Tabiche etc are on the higher end with ratings to eight to nine. And the ones with a rating of 10 and a reputation of being insanely spicy are Scotch Bonnet, Red Savina Habanero, Indian Tezpur, Devil Toung, Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. The last variety, that is the Scorpion, is considered to be the hottest pepper worldwide, until now. The hotness of each pepper kind will differ as per the climate it grows in and the water capacity in it. So, along with the scale, these factors should be considered too.