Country House Plans: A Personification Of Rural Life Style

Country house plans do their best in reflecting the wonderful country life styles. They depict the rural life style in designing each and every aspect of the house. The floors, the huge verandahs bring the beauty of the rural areas in front of our eyes and give a feel of living in a country side. They indicate the spirit of the colonial past of the Americans. These house plans take a lot of care in designing the outer space surrounding the houses too. Huge flowing spaces are designed to accommodate meeting with friends and relatives in the evenings. This is again a typical feature of the life style in the country which remains absent from city lives.

The origin of the country house plans can be found in the cottages beautifully described in the book “Cottage Residences” written by Andrew Jackson Downing which was published in 1842. Also similar descriptions can be found in another book written by him by the name “The Architecture of the country houses”, 1850. The country style houses contain in them the features of cottages as well as farm homes. However, the major difference between the cottage houses and country styles houses is that the latter are much larger than the former and also makes extensive use of wood for making the posts of the porch, trims etc.

The houses are generally built in large spaces with a central door, which leads to the main area of the house. The windows are built at even spaces from each other. All the houses of this style do contain either a front porch or a rear porch. These houses are found both as single storied as well as double storied covered with gable roof. They also possess verandahs wrapped around them. Though these homes are quite known for informal living they can at the same time accommodate a formal living. Other features of these houses include large kitchens and comfy fire places. They create a warm and inviting space to live in. They are also known for their elegance and fineness with which they are constructed.

There are many websites available now-a-days that provide a huge collections of houses of this style. One can choose the model of the house that suits best to their interests. There are online sites that provide quality materials for the purpose of construction of houses. Some of these sites also offer free shipping of the materials to the buyers. This style is now being adopted by people across the globe. Some changes to the style are being made according to the nativity of a particular country as it offers a comfortable living in the suburban neighborhood. The houses of this style do range from cottages to luxury ramblers. Whatever the size may be, more and more number of people are taking interest in these houses.

The country style house is the personification of the sage of the past that is modified according to the changing life styles. Country house plans allow one to experience a classic American life style.