Craftsman House Plans: Epitome Of Middle Class Dreams

Craftsman house plans are again receiving great patronage widely from the middle class in America. Having an own home is everyone’s dream. With the increasing population and limited land, one has to adjust building a lovely home in limited square footage. However, this does not mean that one has to compromise on the tastes and interests. Craftsman house plans exactly imbibe in them these features of building amazing houses in limited spaces. This style was actually took its form the Arts and Crafts movement that took place a century ago. This is one of the very few architectural styles that are on rage in America.

The craftsman style was once every popular in early 20th century. This style is known as the “response to the opulence of the Victorian era”. The revival has actually begun with people buying the original craftsman houses and getting them renovated. Noticing the increasing love for these houses among the American people, the designers have set to create new house plans basing on this style. These are the houses that appeal to the people with a liking for simple and clean designs and love to live in accord with the environment.

The craftsman plans are a blend of various features that make possible the efficient living which is the main dream of all the middle class people of all times. The most important characteristic feature of this model houses is the deep eaves. They help to protect the house from sun heat and also do not allow the rainwater to pour down near the foundation of the house. Besides, these eaves are also decorated with brackets or rafters that add to its beauty. Another characteristic feature of this style is the large porches in the front of the house.

Since the houses of this style are usually compact, these porches enable the family to have some space to relax. The roof of the front part of the house is usually extended till it provides shade to the porch. They also possess multi-paned windows so that it will provide good ventilation to the house. The built-in cabinetry reflects the efficiency of craftsmanship and also helps in enlarging the space as these homes are usually built in small areas.

Many are of the opinion that craftsman style is more a philosophy rather than a style. This is because this style propagates the use of locally available natural materials for the purpose of building the house besides suggesting a handicraft approach. This style was actually initiated as a protest against the artificial factory made products that were used to build houses. As this style in contrast makes use of the natural materials, the people who are opting this are ecologically-conscious.

The homes built as per the craftsman plans are very affordable. Simplicity, beauty and eco-friendly are the best words that can well explain this style in detail. The houses of this model are present in all regions of America. Because of its wonderful features, the craftsman house plans can also spread to other countries in future.