Good pillows help you sleep better

Good pillows

The more sound and solid sleep you have, the healthy and happy you will be. So, sleeping well is very important for your health and happiness. Pillows provide you support for your head, neck or other parts of your body while resting or sleeping in a bed or couch. These are basically soft stuffing enclosed by a fabric envelope. This stuffing material may be made of goose down feathers or synthetic foam.

The fillers or stuffing made of foam may be made of synthetic fibres or visco-elastic foam and latex. Cases where fillers are made of goose down feathers are the most expensive and where foam or any other synthetic materials are used as fillers, are generally less expensive. Down feather filled stuff may be problematic, as some people are allergenic to it. The cover is generally made of silk.

With the progress of time and newer developments in technologies, the options available are also increasing rapidly. Therefore, choosing the best pillow is getting tougher. So, here is a guide provided for you. Back to sleep is one of the biggest manufacturers of pillows. As pillows are greatly important in your daily life, by providing support to your head and neck during your sleep, they ensure you sleep in peace and in a healthy way. Some of the advantages and basic features of back to sleep products are pointed below.

Memory foam model

  • The product manufactured by Back to sleep is designed and equipped to relieve the pressure in an advanced way.
  • The products manufactured by Back to sleep uses the most advanced viscoelastic foams ensuring you are not affecting your health.
  • A new and advanced technology named Pin core technology assists the flow of air inside your pillow controlling the heat build-up.
  • This very model is mainly designed to take care of your head and neck areas

Latex model

  • These are made of pure and natural latex and treated with antibacterial to make it dust and mite resistant.
  • Though these cost a little higher from the previous models, they are also manufactured to ensure high quality and comfort.
  • Being made with natural raw materials, these are perfect for people suffering from allergy.
  • As these are designs as an open cell model, it makes these products capable of self-ventilation.

Cooling gel model

  • These are made in marvellously finished Italian style.
  • These are constructed with highly advanced materials.
  • People who get all hot and sweat while sleeping, are served greatly by its cooling gel technology.
  • And most importantly, these cooling gel layers are completely anti-inflammatory, and will not harmful for your health.

Travel pillows

  • These kinds of products are specially designed to serve you a profound sleep while travelling.
  • These are the same as the products for household use, but it comes in shorter size and lesser cost.

All the products manufactured by Back to sleep are high in quality and it is also one of the best in service. Also, the products from Back to sleep come with a 5 year warranty on the materials.

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