What to do if you lose your keys?


When anyone loses his/her key to the house or some lock, it leads to an awful situation. This person, as a result, cannot open their lock until the key is found. Such incidents can happen with everyone and could even be in the house, office or even your car.

Another issue that comes up is the theft of a key. Thieves and burglars can prepare a copy of a key and enter into a property, and steal things and damage it bitterly. All these situations can be brought under control with the help of a professional, known as Locksmith.

The people who are involved in this profession deal with a wide variety of locks or keys. These professionals perform a number of operations such as repairing of cracked keys, forming distinct designs for a single key, setting up safety system such as alarms etc. They can provide satisfaction to customers if they are well-trained, as well as certified. Nowadays, there are plenty of services that operate in this domain. Luke’s Locks is one of the best companies which supplies all types of key relevant services in Melbourne. They provide very quick and trustworthy services and at a reasonable price rates.      

Kind of services provided by Luke’s Lock

All the professionals of Luke’s Lock aim to fulfill the requirements of customers thoroughly. Their service provider van supplies their services to almost all parts of Melbourne. Their service areas lie in Bundoora, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Greensborough etc. They offer the following exclusive services –

  • Services in the domestic field – The professionals of Luke’s Lock understand that the protection of livelihood, property and loving ones is more necessary than other things. Because they have good sense in domestic safety, they can supply exclusive and trustworthy services to take care of the assets of a consumer. The consumers are sure to feel that their property is safe. Luke’s Lock’s domestic services are accessible in Melbourne. Their professionals are able to open any type of locks. They can also repair or reinstall a cracked key. They can repair the locks of windows, sliding doors, security or wire doors, gates etc. In addition to this, they also offer some services like cutting of key to any shape, repairing different categories of CCTV or even fixing locks of garage door or roller doors.
  • Services in the commercial field – Luke’s Lock know well about how the safety of economic property is important to a customer. The professionals use high-quality monetary grade instruments for servicing locks. This is why the system will run accurately with their new set up. Like domestic services, they offer various useful services like repairing of CCTVs, electric maglocks, locks of a door, window, gate or even garage door.
  • Services in automotive field – Sometimes, people lose the keys of their cars and lock themselves inside a car. Such a situation can lead to panic. At such times, the person has to break the costly lock or door of the car. Luke’s Lock has solution for solving this problem. They provide distinct convenient services and can open any locked door of a vehicle. They can fix, restore locks of boot, door or ignitions. The most important thing is that their services are trustworthy and they provide a warranty to go with it.
  • Services in emergency – It is a natural truth that a person can fall in a dangerous situation at any time. Locks can be cracked or keys can be lost in the midnight, but it isn’t necessary for the person to wait for long hours before help arrives. Luke’s Lock Company offers 24X7 emergency services. Their staff will reach out to customers within a little time and solve the problem as soon as possible. The emergency service however, may require an additional small fee.

Tips for customers

Luke’s Locks suggests some tips for preventing mishaps.

  • Regularly check locks.
  • Avoid cracking locks before calling professionals.
  • Store emergency phone number of Luke’s Lock.
  • Verify locks, whether it is working or not, after service is provided.

So, Luke’s Lock is definitely an exclusive company that deals with almost all problems relating to keys and locks.




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